A Unique, Highly Customized Approach Combining

  • Group Coaching

  • One-on-One Strategy Sessions

  • Masterminding + Community

I know what led you to this page.

You’ve downloaded all the freebies, joined your fair share of group coaching programs,
maybe even spent 4 or 5-figures on a mastermind.

You’re still craving, desiring, hoping for something different.
Hoping you’ll finally figure out that ‘secret’ to make a massive impact, with income to match.
I know that story all too well… because it use to be mine, too.

Since I’m selfish,
I created this program because it is what I needed.


Enter The Profit Mentorship…

A four-month intensive small group of women looking to create a sustainable, profitable business. You’ll leave with the actual structures + systems in place so your business is ready to scale with you.

But how?

  • (4) Monthly 75-minute one-on-one strategy sessions
    … this is where we will spend time developing your dream business + an action plan that’s completely unique to you

  • (8) Bi-monthly 90-minute group coaching sessions
    … this is where you’ll learn how to be a business owner + be able to decipher what will propel you forward

  • Unlimited Voxer Support two days each week
    … this is where you’ll get your implementation questions answered each week - no waiting for the next call

  • Private Facebook Group for small group conversations
    … this is where you’ll get all of the community, support + masterminding with your business sisters

The time to build your brand + business is NOW.

I was super hesitant to work with a coach as my business had never brought in money. It was scary to invest $8,000 not knowing what the return was. We got to work right away and by the end of the first month, I had already made my investment back!

Who is ‘The Profit Mentorship’ for?

The female entrepreneur who is…
desiring to move into their business full-time,
feeling like they are ‘stuck’,
working in not on their business,
not converting their audience into clients,
not seeing the opportunity for growth,
bringing home less income than desired,
and feeling like they have to ‘do-it-all’ alone.


The Process

Labor of Love (3).png

(not all who apply will be accepted)

Arguably the best part,

ALL of this support, accountability and action is only $8,000.
AND, for a limited time, I am happy to extend a payment plan option of $2,000 / month.

No selling your car. No taking out a second mortgage.
No maxing your credit card to get the coaching you need to grow.

It’s super important to me as I run a debt-free company myself.


What is the benefit of being part of The Profit Mentorship program?
Why do I want to be a part?

One of the most significant benefits is the community. If you were to join and get tossed into a mastermind group that’s 50+ people, it’s tough to create genuine connections and create a tribe. If you go through an intensive program with a small community, between 6-10 people, of like-minded individuals, you can support and show up for the other members, and they can show up for you.

Why only 6-10 people per group?

Have you ever tried to be a best friend to 50 other people? It doesn’t work, not to mention it’s flat out exhausting. The goal is to create a long-term support network. I chose to limit each group to 6-10 people and have a max of two businesses per industry. I genuinely believe you can learn so much from different sectors.

How long am I connected to my group?

Formally, it’s a short term thing, four months.

What happens after program is over in four months?

There are lots of options, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll give you a few hints.
Your group can stick together, and I remove myself. If you want to keep me around, you get to decide that as a group.
If you want me to pop on for a call once a month, you get to choose that as a group.
You make the rules after the fourth month.