The 'Profit Mentorship' is a unique, highly personalized approach combining...

  • One-On-One Business Strategy Sessions

  • Implementation + Execution Planning

  • Consistant Accountability


What is the 'Profit Mentorship'...

The Profit Mentorship is a four-month, virtual, intensive one-on-one program for entrepreneurs looking for systems to create a sustainable, profitable business. 

This mentorship includes:

  • A ½ day kickoff session

  • Five 90-minute one-on-one sessions over the four-month course 

  • Unlimited Voxer support one day each week (of your choosing)

  • Access to API membership

  • VIP ticket to ‘Align Profit Impact - LIVE’

During this program, you’ll have access to:

  • One-on-one business strategy sessions

  • Evaluation of progress throughout your journey

  • Questions answered each week through Voxer

  • Learning resources that will propel your business forward

  • Implementation and execution planning

  • Consistent and intentional accountability

After completing this program, you’ll have…

  • Knowledge of effective business strategies.

  • Actual structures and systems in place so your business is ready to scale with you.

  • An action plan that’s completely unique to you. 

I was super hesitant to work with a coach as my business had never brought in money. It was scary to invest the money not knowing what the return would be. We got to work right away and by the end of the first month, I had already made my investment back!

The time to build your brand + business is NOW.

Who is ‘The Profit Mentorship’ for?

The female entrepreneur who is…
desiring to move into their business full-time,
feeling like they are ‘stuck’,
working in not on their business,
not converting their audience into clients,
not seeing the opportunity for growth,
bringing home less income than desired,
and feeling like they have to ‘do-it-all’ alone.


Arguably the best part,

ALL of this support, accountability and action is only $8,000.
AND, for a limited time, I am happy to extend a payment plan option of $2,000 / month.

No selling your car. No taking out a second mortgage.
No maxing your credit card to get the coaching you need to grow.

It’s super important to me as I run a debt-free company myself.