Three Businesses + A Toddler


Cassandra Shuck is a speaker, business mentor, and the owner of Tola Marketing + Creative. She is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and has helped hundreds of women around the world create profitable businesses that are true to their calling.

In this podcast, Cassandra discusses the crucial aspect of business ownership of prioritizing your life.

Might it be setting time aside for family, hobbies, or simply some self-care; this podcast focuses on methods by which you really can have it all.

Cassandra first explains how she manages her schedule every week and what priorities are indeed the most important.

(Because as we all know, if everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority)  

Which obstacles or challenges do you face, which requires addressing?  Is it the amount of free time you happen to have?  Is it the preexisting obstacles in your life (family, commitments, etc.) that require attention before committing to your entrepreneurial pursuits?  Can modifying your schedule have a positive impact on your productivity?  Being the master of your vision requires that you maintain a proactive approach in tackling the daily riggers of running a company rather than being in a constant reactive state (on the ropes.)  

Time, being our most precious commodity requires proper managing to ensure your clients feel valued, your family feels valued, and you feel like you are running the ship vs. the ship running over you.