Stop Devaluing (Yourself + Other Female Entrepreneurs)


Cassandra Shuck is a speaker, business mentor, and the owner of Tola Marketing + Creative. She is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and has helped hundreds of women around the world create profitable businesses that are true to their calling.

In this podcast, Cassandra addresses the notion of value and how it relates to the business world with a focus on female entrepreneurs.

In a world where income inequality between the sexes has only recently made national headlines, this topic can be very personal for many of us.

How do you value your goods or services in comparison to fair market value? Sometimes being the cheapest doesn’t translate to being the best choice of the moment.

How does transformational service fee impact your business model?  Time & energy are important factors that should sway business decisions with the goal of removing self-doubt from the process.

Examining what unique value and excellence you bring to the table are important in realizing your worth and achieving the compensation you deserve.