Questions to Ask a Business Coach, Before Hiring Them

Questions to Ask a Business Coach, Before Hiring Them.jpg

In this podcast, Cassandra delves into the questions that must be asked when interviewing a perspective business coach.

What sort of businesses has that coach operated in the past?  The coach should be able to elaborate as to what happened to their business and what prompted them to seek a role within the business-coaching world.

Cassandra also describes what might be the best coach for you. (Yes, there are a variety of coaches)  Different types of coaches provide varying benefits to you and your business.  Might you be seeking a motivational coach to nudge you in the right direction?  Maybe a legacy coach reviewing the long-term goals of the business would prove most beneficial.  Perhaps all you need is a strategy & profitability coach in enhancing your revenue streams. 

A coach should be able to guide you in the direction of whatever your business’ vision happens to be (some business owners simply desire more vacation time with family).

Another telling characteristic of any seasoned business coach is learning what business failures they have endured.  Sometimes the best experience is learning from what hasn’t worked in the past.

Finally, Cassandra identified what sort of red flags a person be mindful of when seeking a business coach.  Ultimately what is this business coach going to do for you?