Milkin' Cookie: The Birth Story

Milkin' Cookie: The Birth Story.png

 In this podcast, Cassandra tackles the frequently asked questions addressing the origination of Milkin’ Cookie and how it has helped to mold her into the entrepreneur she is today.

Spanning almost two years, Milkin’ Cookie has helped hundreds of new moms produce greater amounts and higher quality breast milk for their children.

Hundreds of cookies each week are ordered, baked, packaged & shipped throughout the United States to desiring moms seeking boosted lactation benefits.

It wasn’t always so coordinated.

The idea originated from a simple need that seemed to be underserved.

Through creative ingenuity by both Cassandra & her husband Tom, the concept of a DELICIOUS lactation support cookie was born (the other products from the big box stores tasted like cardboard).

Once the cookie (after many trials) was perfected, it was showcased to dozens of new moms for trial and feedback purposes.

Sure enough, the reception was phenomenal.

Another idea soon brought forward was the concern about the product’s shelf life and its inability to last the weeks or months as desired by many clients.

Companies like Amazon wouldn’t be able to feature this marvelous item and we were likewise hamstrung by our own success in eliminating a major client base.

The idea of a dry ingredient “bake-your-own” product was born.

Now, our product could grace the shelves of companies like Amazon for weeks or months without fear of spoilage.

Wholesale inquiries also sprang up and Milkin’ Cookie has been off to the races ever since.

The moral of the podcast is to never stop creating and imagining what ideas might benefit others.

You never know how small of an idea could have such a profound impact on the world around you.