If Everything is a Priority, Then Nothing is a Priority

If Everything is a Priority, Then Nothing is a Priority .png

In this podcast, Cassandra addresses one of the greatest mysteries of any business owner:  how to get it all done! 

As her husband puts it:  “If everything is a priority then nothing is a priority.”

 To get to the root of attempting to get it all done, we turn back to the fundamentals.  A simple paper notebook planner serves as a useful tool in organizing the “must do” from the “might do”.  The general rule is some weeks are naturally more productive than others.  

The crucial element is developing a routine for organizing those priorities.  In this instance, that organizational period would be on Sunday evenings.  Categorizing tasks ensures balance among the goals of your week.  

Simply put, it is not possible to do it all AND do it all “well.”  Such is the nature of tradeoffs since time remains the most precious commodity of all.  There is no perfect balance that ensures you are fully optimized.  It is important to remember that you can’t occupy 100% of your time with activities or you run the risk of creativity becoming hindered.  

Baseline budgeting of hours for scheduling is helpful but requires a degree of restraint. When beginning a scheduler, starting with essentials helps to ensure you are not overwhelmed as you envision your upcoming 3-4 months.

The conclusion of the podcast ends with five general topics form a great starting point to ensure that your approaches are keeping your goals within alignment.