Entrepreneurs Vs. Business Owners


Cassandra Shuck is a speaker, business mentor, and the owner of Tola Marketing + Creative. She is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and has helped hundreds of women around the world create profitable businesses that are true to their calling.

In this podcast, Cassandra describes a key component of the business world: the difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner.

Cassandra draws from her own experiences in describing the distinctions of each important role that can be taken and identify which might best suit your goals.

As different people bring diverse skills to the table, knowing which direction to head can make working for yourself MUCH easier in realizing your dream.  

All entrepreneurs are business owners while not all business owners are necessarily entrepreneurs (investors, franchisees, etc.).  

Everything from how creative or daring your personality happens to be to how many resources you are willing to invest.  

What is your risk tolerance?  Business growth isn’t simply limited to monetary gain.  Some business owners envision a day of being able to step back from their work and (eventually) see the operation hum along on its own.  Hiring the right the employees and automation are just some of the aspects of making your business aspirations a reality.  Regardless of which path you choose, making this commitment can be one of the most crucial aspects of running your own business.