Birthing New Businesses Out of Self-Doubt

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In this premiere episode of “Labor of Love,” Cassandra Shuck lays out what this podcast will cover and her background, including some of what she has had to overcome.  Enjoy this episode, and stay tuned to hear what’s in store for future episodes - dropping each + every Thursday!


“Labor of Love is defined as something that you work for; you don’t care about the income, you don’t care about the time it takes...”

“There are things that are puts onto the hearts of us, as human beings.”

“This is another title, another topic, another something that someone has put on your heart. It’s another doubt that is now in your system.”

“Entrepreneurship was looked at like one step above starving artist.”


[1:19] What is Labor of Love?

[2:39] Childlike Excitement 

[3:13] Women Suppression @ Home

[3:59] High School Dropout 

[5:14:] Business School + Concentration on Entrepreneurship

[5:55] College Business Plan

[6:45] Corporate World Affirmation