Art of Pivoting in Your Business


Cassandra Shuck is a speaker, business mentor, and the owner of Tola Marketing + Creative. She is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and has helped hundreds of women around the world create profitable businesses that are true to their calling.

In this podcast, Cassandra explains what it means to take the plunge and commit to pursuing your dream. She begins by reflecting on previous podcasts she produced and determined that she should be teaching is her framework. Cassandra's proprietary framework is broken down into three components to provide you a clear path to meeting your goals.

These three segments are Alignment, Profit, and Impact.

Seeking an authentic approach to recognizing your skills is of vital importance. Aligning your skills with your passion while also figuring out how to monetize it all can seem a pretty daunting task.

The profit aspect overview examines the money/financial details of your idea are also discussed in detail.  What is my client base?  Is my product scalable?  What am I prepared to do to make this work?  What regulatory or licensing hurdles might be in my way?  Can I sell freezers to Eskimos?  (probably not)  As you might imagine, the profit angle has MANY questions that require addressing.  

The impact is the third and ultimately, the realization of your dream.  It involves measuring your success and recognizing what lies next.  Do you want to franchise?  Would you prefer to sell?  How do you want your legacy to be designed?  Some business owners are so caught up with building a business and running it that they neglect to think of a long-term goal by which to aim.  

Its when all three of these factors are considered, Align-Profit-Impact, that you can reach your fullest potential in achieving your goals.