Mama Guilt Meets Business Guilt

Mama Guilt Meets Business Guilt.png

If you’re a business owner AND a mama, chances are you’ve felt guilty trying to juggle it all - running a household, raising a child, growing a business, etc…

Being a mama-preneur is rewarding, but it’s hard! There are so many different elements to maintain, and some things naturally get brushed aside and neglected in the pursuit of other things.

In this podcast, Cassandra shares her own recent experience with business guilt - how her business numbers aren’t where she wants them to be, how she hasn’t been able to hire the number of employees she wanted to, and - as you’ve probably noticed - how the podcast went unpublished for a while.

Mamas with businesses are limited in time and resources, which is frustrating and can lead to a comparison cycle with other mamas. Instead of focusing on where other women are succeeding and we’re not, let’s shift our attention to filling up every cup - mom life, business, etc. 

Listen in as Cassandra shares tips and strategies for how to manage life and avoid mama guilt. For her this looks like being intentional about ‘family date nights,’ saying no to projects that aren’t in true alignment with her business, and knowing her core strengths and delegating work accordingly.