Birthing A Positive Body Image

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If you’re struggling with body image, you might find some peace of mind thanks to today's guest, Carrie Montgomery. Carrie Montgomery is a Transformational Style Coach + Body Image Expert and creator of The Somatic Dressing Method which helps women step into true embodiment and empowered confidence. She teaches women to own their true beauty, build confidence, and create a dream image for their business and life.

Having worked with New Line Cinema and stars such as Cate Blanchett and Aaron Eckhart, her expertise in film, design, marketing and wellness, along with her love of fashion, allows her to create a holistic experience for personal style. She curates her client’s image, helping women look good and feel good from the inside out. This newfound confidence carrie over to her clients’ brands, elevating their visibility and taking many of them from 6 figures to 7 figures in as little as one year. Her work has been featured on OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Super Soul Sunday with Christiane Northrup, Coastal Living, Old Port Magazine, and Hay House.


KEY TAKEAWAY: While many people struggle with body image, the simple act of getting dressed in the morning can be encouraging and even empowering.



-       Carrie Montgomery first recognized a spiritual connection with her body at a young age, after a number of surgeries

-       She was always drawn towards creative avenues and realized that clothing and getting dressed every morning was a vital part of her identity

-       Transformed from small in-person styling, to an online movement

-       The Somatic Method of Dressing is a mindful way of getting dressed that takes your emotions and experiences into account. This also creates a sense of trust when it comes to your relationship with your body.

-       Instead of looking to others for security, you should look within yourself to find answers and be your own advocate



-       “You’re learning to accept who you are when you start to learn about your emotions… it’s about accepting and understanding that it’s ok to be right where you are.”

-       “My curiosity for the outside world is a little bit less, and my curiosity for the inside world is much greater.”

-       “I want to support any and every woman that is struggling with how they feel inside their body.”




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