Birthing an Accounting Firm

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We’re in the midst of tax season and this episode features tax expert Nesha Pai. After many years working as a CPA in corporate America, Nesha decided to birth her own firm. She walked away from stability and a steady paycheck because she had a burning desire inside of her to create something bigger then herself. During this time Nesha was going through a divorce and struggling because of the lack of support from her own family. This only made her more driven and focused.

Through her struggle she birthed Pai CPA, PLLC, to serve the accounting needs of small businesses. From one initial partnership, Pai CPA, PLLC has garnered and retained close to twenty major middle-market clients. From restaurateurs, professional services, medical services, real estate, and manufacturers. Pai CPA stays true to its roots of entrepreneurial determination and support. In this episode you’ll hear Nesha’s journey and how this generous women puts others needs before her own.

KEY TAKEAWAY: The more you give, the more you receive.


·      Entrepreneur at heart from a young age

·      Paying dues at a big corporate tax firm

·      Having your values tested

·      Hiring stay at home moms

·      Nurturing clients like mothers nurture their kids

·      Starting a networking group for empty nesters

·      Being taken advantage of for having a big heart

·      Education gets you out of poverty

·      Yearning for God and growing spiritually



“I realized that I loved being able to work with business owners and make an impact, vs. corporate America.”

“Not having the support of my family forced me to have my own backbone.”

“I wanted to give women an opportunity to make some money for their family and also have a life outside of being a mom.”



Nesha Pai