Birthing A Book

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This week, we explore the nature of relationships and marriages with the help of Emily Funderbunk, certified counselor and published author. Funderbunk was first inspired to become a therapist after trauma in her childhood caused her to search for answers and understand her own struggles. Through her work, she hopes to reduce the stigma of seeking help and speaking with a counselor. Funderbunk’s recently published novel, “Through the Storm: Helping Marriages find Healing after Hurt”, provides a seven step survival guide for couples who are going through a crisis within their relationship. Within her book, Funderbunk explains that marriages can often experience storms, or times of upheaval or stress, and offers guidance to readers who may be suffering from them. She also highlights how partners can unintentionally hurt one another, and how you can bring about healing and forgiveness within your marriage. The advice that Funderbunk offers through her book stems from the lessons she learned when she first started out as a counselor and helped multiple couples through their own storms. In addition, she also emphasizes how forgiveness is as act of love and how a couple can come back together after confronting their own storms.


KEY TAKEAWAY: Even if you are not currently going through a crisis, talking with a counselor can be incredibly helpful when identifying problems, unhealthy behaviors, and potential storms in your life.



-       Helping couples shift the perspective on spiritual and emotional health

-       Funderbunk first became interested in therapy when seeking answers and healing for trauma that occured during her childhood

-       Reducing the stigma that surrounds seeking help from a therapist or counselor

-       “Through the Storm: Helping Marriages find Healing after Hurt” is meant for couples who are going through a crisis and who are looking for a step-by-step guide for their situation

-       Couples can indirectly and unintentionally hurt one another throughout their relationship, but it’s important to acknowledge it in order to heal

-       How to come back together as a couple and be proactive for future storms

-       Premarital counseling is necessary because you might unknowingly bring past trauma or unresolved issues into your relationship

-       If there’s an area in your life that you’re uncomfortable with, you need to acknowledge it and lean into it in a safe environment



“There were storms that I had been through as a child, and I had needed to find some type of healing in my own life and going to school to help others also helped me in a way.”

“When you go through a difficult time of your life it’s so easy to just want to put it in a suitcase and shut the suitcase and shove it under a bed and never talk about it, never deal with it – I just want to move on with my life. But I really hope that other couples can benefit from this.”

“When we learn how to forgive, when we learn the disciple of forgiveness, we are learning a lesson in love.”