Birthing A Call To Action

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In her first solocast, Cassandra Shuck discusses overcoming obstacles outside of her control and recognizing the uncomfortable nature of expansion states. Shuck also highlights how recent inconveniences might be a sign from a higher power which are pushing us towards our goals. This episode dives into the complex nature of failure in the business world and why we only focus on the positive aspect of individual careers, and not the failure and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Shuck uses herself as an example of this and dives into her own past failures and how they have helped her grow into a successful entrepreneur.


KEY TAKEAWAY: Do not wait for someone to give you permission or tell you that you’re worthy of your dream.



-       Overcoming obstacles and breaking through negative mindsets to grow your small businesses

-       Recognize the signs in our life that are pushing you towards your goals

-       Using inconveniences to encourage yourself to take a step forward, instead of being bogged down in a victim mentality

-       Life is uncertain and you can’t wait or put off accomplishing your goals

-       We tend to see everyone's highlight reels, not their failures

-       Lean into the struggles of others who have overcome similar obstacles and learn from their example



“Maybe this is a sign from God, from the universe, from the spirit, from whomever, whatever – that I need to actually take a step forward and do the damn thing.”

“I feel like in this world, where tomorrow is really, really uncertain, as you’ve seen on some of these episodes… why the heck should we wait?”

“We see everyone else's highlight reels and we see all of these people who are insta-famous and have these great big businesses, or so it seems, but we don’t hear about the failures that have actually happened with them.”