Birthing Healing From Art

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Art has healing principles and Jackie Radford couldn’t verbally express the pain she was experiencing from an abusive past, she began to draw. Today, Jackie joins Cassandra on the podcast, to discuss how creating art can help heal the mind. Jackie is a North Carolina based mixed-media artist that focuses on painting, sculpting and making books, journals and paper. Her work is heavily involved with texture. In this episode you’ll Jackie’s story on how she used art as a way to heal from the trauma in her life and how she’s deeply connected with the clients that she creates for.



Healing is a lifelong journey; you have to trust the process.



·      Drawing to express feelings and emotions

·      Mixed media Art

·      Book binding and journal making

·      Breathing life into lifeless things

·      Overcoming child abuse

·      Being triggered by your past as an adult

·      Talking about your trauma openly, to heal

·      Being comfortable in uncomfortable situations

·      Connecting with people through art that you’ve never met

·      Being present and appreciating the moment




“I was mostly dead, but there was a spark still in there that was life. I was transformed through all my healing and now I have a new purpose and a new life.”

“I sit in my discomfort, that’s a mantra for me.”

“I can take what happened to me and the scars that I bear and use them in a profoundly impactful way that’s meaningful to me and creates so much beauty and good energy in the world.”



Jackie Radford