Birthing A Coaching Business

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Today’s episode is about letting it all out and showing the world your true colors. Business owners lives are a little bit of a mess behind closed doors. They’re dealing with stress, deadlines, employees and cash flow. Often times, business owners try to hide this side of themselves instead of opening up and showing the world who they really are. On the podcast today Cassandra sits down with Diana Kerr. Diana explains to the listener’s that once she laid it all on the table and opened up about her problems on her blog, she freed herself. Now she coaches women on how to do the same thing. Diana is a certified professional life coach who helps Christian women get over their limiting beliefs and inspires them to conquer fears in their personal life and businesses.


KEY TAKEAWAY: Press into your fears



·      Lack of Christians talking about personal growth

·      Over analyzing and being too contemplative

·      Monetizing a blog

·      Instagram = people’s highlight reels

·      Being authentic but having your business appear to be massively successful

·      The ever changing landscape of marketing

·      The consistency of value

·      The importance of setting boundaries and a work schedule in your business



“I feel like the reason I have rheumatoid arthritis and why I have all these health challenges is not just for my own sake to make me stronger, but for that to impact others.”

“I knew I would start a business at some point, some day. I’ve always had those entrepreneurial genes.”

“There is no magical secret to building a business. For me it’s been about consistency, creating content and providing value.”



Diana Kerr