Birthing A Wedding Photography Business

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Today’s episode is about all photography, the wedding industry, wedding photography and self-development. To dive deep into these topics Cassandra enlists the help of her good friend April Yentas. After giving birth to her daughter, April began to lose a connection with herself and the creative person inside of her that was around since she was a kid. She decided to do some deep self-development work, reconnect with her inner photographer and create a wedding photography business. April is a now a full time wedding photographer and in 3 years her business went from 1 wedding a season, to 7 to 25. Now she even has a team that she outsources some of her work to. In this episode you’ll hear April’s story and how doing deep self-development work helped her build her business.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Self-development is critical to your success as an entrepreneur  



·      1 wedding to 7 weddings, to 25 weddings

·      Connecting emotionally with newly married couples

·      Losing self-connection after giving birth

·      Learning to outsource business tasks

·      Establishing a workflow for your business

·      Always growing and always learning

·      Focusing on serving others

·      Emotional hardship as a single mom

·      Determining your love language

·      Focusing on the next step



“Focus on the next small step forward and everything is going to be ok.”

“Serve, and give people advice and encouragement.”

 “I really love connecting with couples in this huge life moment that they get to embark on. I get to give them something to remember this moment by. It really drives me and fuels me.”



April Yentas:



Daring Greatly

Dare To Lead

Stronger Than The Struggle