Birthing a New Philosophy

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It’s important to be able to adapt and accept change in your life and in your business. In this episode Cassandra connects with friend, Andrea Claassen. The two share an interesting conversation about changing the course of your life and discovering new philosophies. Andrea is a former Type A mom and fitness trainer who was always working in overdrive. After discovering the ancient teaching of Ayruveda she was able to slow down and reconnect with her mind, body and spirit. This changed the way she ran her coaching business and now offers a different approach to women’s fitness and wellness.


KEY TAKEAWAY:  You have to be constantly evolving in life and business.



·      Being fed up with gyms.

·      Ayruveda – Connecting your mind body and spirit.

·      Adding Ayruveda philosophies into a training regime.

·      The evolution of you.

·      New Moon Circles.

·      Over stimulating yourself throughout the day.

·      Starting your business based on what you enjoy doing.



“Your business will evolve as you do.”

“I’m much better at listening to my body.”

“Start your business from what you enjoy doing, because if you don’t enjoy it, it’s going to seem like a chore and the business is not going to go great.”



Andrea Claassen