Birthing Ones True Self Out of Perfection

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Today’s episode is all about flow and how to move with the universe, not against it. Cassandra’s guests are Emily and Amy and they’re here to talk all about how working in a calm, easygoing state is the key to accomplishing goals. Emily and Amy are twin sisters who are recovering perfectionists that have focused their adult lives on coaching others on the topics of health and wellness. Overcoming a childhood where their father was hyper critical of them, motivated them to help heal others who are too demanding of themselves. Emily and Amy are also the founders of “Glow Flow Chefs.” Glow Flow Chefs makes latte blends that are made up of super foods and adaptogens; including, turmeric, cacao and matcha. The sister’s credit these herbs and foods with helping them get into a calm, focused state and just flow.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Addressing the issues of your past allows you to be ok with the with the “now” and flow through life.


·      The constant desire to have an inner and outer glow.

·      Living in a flow and easygoing state, not forcing things.

·      Practicing mindfulness to connect to yourself.

·      Using super foods and adaptogens to release stress.

·      Overcoming a childhood with an overcritical father.

·      Food Psychology – How Food Is Connected To Life.

·      Asking for help, releasing the need to do everything.

·      Being on the same page in life and business, as twins.

·      Delegating the right people for the right role.


“If I can release control of food, I think this is going to help me release control of other things.”- Amy

“Release the need to do everything, perfect everything, just ask for help.” - Amy

“I do a lot of breath work, I do a lot of journaling, I repeat all the time, I am good enough, I am enough.” - Emily


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