Birthing Truths Out of Roadblocks

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Today on the podcast Cassandra sits down with Chrystal Rose. Chrystal is one of the first people Cassandra met when she moved to North Carolina. The two met at an entrepreneur’s conference for women. Chrystal is a serial entrepreneur who is the founder of Rebellia, an online fashion clothing line for athletic women or; “Chicks with Muscles”. Launching any business, let alone a clothing line is no easy feat. In this inspiring episode you’ll learn how Chrystal was businesses minded from a young age, ran away from home and dropped out of boarding school, then struggled with multiple failing businesses before succeeding with Rebellia.


There are always going to be roadblocks when starting a new business. The key is to stay focused on your mission and learn from your shortcomings. It’s the experience of working through failures that will propel you to new levels. 


“You really should put all of your focus into one awesome thing and then get it awesome before you start something else.”

“The most important thing is starting. You just have to pick a place to start and you can fill around it. If there are some steps you missed you can go back and hit then but you just have to start.”

“I was very ambitious and very driven, even though I didn’t really have anywhere I was technically going.”


  • Rebellia is a boutique clothing company for chicks with muscles.

  • Advice for entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start.

  • Overcoming multiple failing businesses’ before launching Rebellia.

  • Life as a promo model.

  • Crowd funding to create buzz and proof of concept.

  • Homemade clothes and high price points.

  • Failures as lessons and grinding day in and day out.

  • Becoming a better buyer and changing business model.

  • Focusing on one business idea at a time and overcoming fear.

  • Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose.



Instagram:  @rebelliaclothing