Birthing Ambition Out of Anger

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On today’s episode of Labor Of Love Cassandra interviews Katie Maggio. Katie is Transformational Life, Confidence and Business Coach as well as the host of “The Level 10 Lifestyle Podcast.” She’s also an enthusiastic mother and wife. After years of working in Corporate America, Katie quit her job to pursue her own business and passions. Knowing there was much more to life then punching a clock she decided to help herself while helping others transform and level up their lives. In this episode you’ll hear how Katie overcame a troubling childhood, stopped putting limiting beliefs on herself and eventually used what she had been through to coach others in similar situations.


Big self-change takes a lot of self-discovery work. The sooner you deal with issues from your past, the sooner you can overcome them and start living your best life. You have to learn how to channel your adversity in a positive way.


·      The struggle of growing up with a terminally ill parent.

·      Learning a strong work ethic from the age of 14.

·      Behaviors learned as children, stay with people through adulthood.

·      Overcoming childhood trauma opens you up to a new world.

·      Holding onto anger because it’s comforting and easy to identify with.

·      Your adversity can be the force that drives you toward success.

·      Life altering change only comes from deep self-discovery work.

·      Crying to keep your heart soft.


“We learn these behaviors that are really not sustaining to us living our best life. I struggled with that quite a bit.”

“Living a Level 10 Life and living your best self is a work in progress forever.

“I really want to release more of my emotions of a daily you know weekly basis, versus bottling them all up and then one day having this crazy cry fest happen.”


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