Birthing Hope Out of Pain

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In this very emotional episode of “Labor of Love” we hear from Monique Gillming founder of Chronic Hope. Monique has a rare illness called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Getting this diagnosis was a hurdle that put a strain on her mental health, family health and career that she loved so much. Monique shares with us her chronic pain story that led to her searching for hope. Within her pain, she created a space called Chronic Hope where others could share their stories in a safe space to get resources and support. Chronic Hope has a mission for those who are ready to share their story and break out from chronic disease, depression, and anxiety, etc. Grab your tissues for this episode you’re going to need them.


“I didn’t want to be a chronic illness. I wanted to be chronic hope.”

“It’s always hard to learn about yourself.”

“I thought my value was so much more than my job.”

“When everything was amazing. It was awesome, but when it got really rough I always thought well I’m the kind of person, I have the kind of character that if things got rough I would stay strong in my faith.”

“Oh my gosh! If this is where my life is headed. If this is the support that I have in these support groups and I’m watching people with my disease cut off their own limbs…”

“See as leaders that’s what we’re trained to be. Right Cassandra? We say when there’s a problem, look we’re solution experts!”

“The date told me in my blood test and my surgeries that I was losing, that I was failing.”

“More than delivering what leaders like us are used to. Filling ourselves with which is overcoming resistance, empathy, data, you know resources..”

“No matter how bad it gets I will never make that mistake again.

“It’s ok to grieve, give yourself grace. Please reach for us. We’re available. Reach for someone in your pain.”

“What we put in is what’s gonna come out.”


[0:30] Chronic Hope

[8:59] Do I have value? Do I have purpose?  

[10:36] Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

[13:33] Dark Day

[17:28] Walk me through the process

[21:37] Pausing to be present in someone's pain

[23:38] The Spoon Theory 

[27:13] Where to find Chronic Hope