Birthing a Self-Love Movement Out of Abuse

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In this episode of “Labor of Love” we talk with the creator of “You Are A Story Worth Loving”, Grace Presley. Going through a tough season in a physically abusive marriage that led to jail time and debt, Grace shares how her journey through life has allowed her to bravely share her story and create a community for others.  

I wanted to bring Grace on so she could share with us the importance of healing and sharing your story, because you are a story worth loving. We all are. 

Dive into this episode to hear about how Grace’s journey that guided her to creating shirts and a thriving, healing community. 


“You are a story worth loving is a movement and mission to owning your story.” 

“The easiest way to get that out to people was a tee shirt. So you wear a tee shirt and people are reading that and saying you are a story worth loving.”

“People will see that and say oh man, my story is worth loving” 

“No matter what your story is you go into your community and you’re like oh wow, me too, me too..”

“Taking the first baby steps and breaking it down into what is the smallest step in some kind of forward direction I can take..”

“One small action, that sometimes all it needs to be.”

 “Your stories are all welcome here and they are worth loving.”


[0:43] You are a Story Worth Loving 

[3:14] Online Community 

[7:34] Continuous Self-Growth Hack

[10:12] The First Post

[11:36] Resonate with the hearts of more people

[14:00] Breaking it down 

[17:23] Healing process #alltheshit

[22:20] Self Worth 

[23:11] Dip your toe in the water