Birthing Her Own Path Out of Expectation

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In this episode of “Labor of Love” we chat with Sandra Webber. Sandra is following her calling as a Massage and Bodywork Therapist however this path has not always what she thought she would be doing. After graduating from college with a degree in education and a perusing a career in real estate it was life’s hurdles that brought her to become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.  Sandra puts together the pieces of the struggles she’s faced with growing up in a traditional Southern household, making her own rules, breaking the system she grew up in and how things have all fallen into place.  

Talking with Sandra I hope you are able to take away the importance of self-care, listening to your body and sticking to your rules. 

Get comfy with a cup of tea or coffee, press play and listen to Sandra’s journey of self-acceptance and holistic healing.


“The more information and empowerment and encouragement really we can give the women that come across out paths that’s what I’m all about..”

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

“There is a reason I’m going through this and I will know later.”

“When you hear that over and over that’s why I didn’t have very good self esteem growing up. You constantly hear how bad you are..”

“Out of that struggle I started looking at my next stage in life.”

“God has a way of doing things for us sometimes.”

“When things fail don’t look at it as a failure, it’s a promotion for you to the next category.”

“The smallest step forward will be the biggest change you can make.”


[0:14] Describe Sandra

[1:26] Motherhood vs. Entrepreneurship 

[6:20] I’ve have wanted to help people

[11:07] Perfect storm in a good way

[13:39] I have two rules

[20:58] Holistic Health Care begins

[24:23] Would you like me to write you a prescription for antidepressants? 

[27:44] Hmm.. That’s something to think about

[39:39] How would you treat your best friend?