Birthing + Trusting Intuition Out of Addiction

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This time on “Labor of Love” we talk with Bri McCorkell. Bri is a momprenueur, life coach, healer, truth teller, and connector of women and soul sister of mine. Bri has been through many seasons of change and is going through a season now that is bringing new difficulties she must overcome. Bri was a child physiologist in an elementary school during some of the most difficult times in history for our school system. There was an incident that led her to discover what her path truly was. 

Bri has created an online community that allows women to just show up when they can, as they are. No rules. And the ability to help women doesn’t stop there. She is someone I can be really real with and I am sure, as you listen you will understand why. Enjoy!


“I find that as I grow and change and let go of more of my shit and get to know myself on a deeper level. Who I am and what I want my life’s work to be is reflected in my work.” 

“Freedom and the power and the choice to actually like their life and not feel like they’re on the horrible hamster wheel.” 

“You’re seeing their highlight reel. You’re not seeing what they’re actually going through and you’re not lifting back that vial.”

“Pretending that everything is ok all the time and that sometimes we don’t have a pain and suffering in our lives and I think that’s bullshit. I think that’s doing a little big of damage.”

“I’m going to trust and follow my gut this time and actually listen to what’s going on in my body and in my heart.”

“It’s hard for the answers to come in when you’re like constantly on the go, hustling, like non stop on your phone.”

“Screw you fear. I was afraid of everything, of losing everything, of not knowing who I was anymore, of not being fun or having a life or losing friends.” 


[2:06] What does Bri do?

[4:35] Reflected in my work 

[9:00] I am sharing my journey while I’m in it

[11:25] Show up in any way you need to show up

[16:19] The S-H-I-T had hit the fan 

[20:53] Trust yourself 

[24:03] Little voice inside me

[28:44] New season, new difficulties 

[31:21] What will be birthed out of this process?