Chances are, up until now, you’ve been running your business solo — and you're doing a pretty badass job of it.

But you might be stuck in the cycle of making under $100k year-over-year,
or you may have SO many ideas but
no idea where to start,
or you may just be plain
overwhelmed, exhausted, and need a serious plan of action.

Well, find someone nearby to high five because my one-on-one coaching service
was designed with these exact roadblocks in mind.

I believe that there’s a 4-stage process that we go through when we birth something new; each one presenting new challenges, new questions, and most importantly, new opportunities to grow.

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Stage 1:

This is where you get to dream, when something new is coming and you can feel the energy rising, and can see the endless possibilities.

What You Need:
Focus and guidance to help understand how to turn ideas into action.

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Stage 2:

This is the time to get sh*t done- putting pen to paper and charting out what you can actually DO with all of those genius ideas you’ve conjured up.

What You Need:
Scheduling, plans, dates- an action plan with to-do’s that you can check off and mark progress and growth.


Stage 3:


This is where most people will turn around and think they should start again. This stage is all about mindset and belief- because now that your business is launched, you want to know who’s going to show up, who’s going to buy it, what’s going to happen next.

What You Need:
Someone to hold the vision for you and help you get through all of the growing pains and limiting beliefs that come up when you birth something new to the world.

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Stage 4:

This is where you get to celebrate everything that you’ve done and see tangible results in your clients, your customers and in YOU.

What You Need:
A tribe + community to encourage you, to lift you up and to celebrate your achievements with you.


No matter what type of business is being brought to life, we all go through each of these stages in our own unique ways...

Having someone to guide you through the process in a way that’s tailored and focused on YOU,
is the difference between a “could’ve been”, and an “I can’t believe I did it!”  

Whether you’re on Stage 1, wondering what to do, or Stage 4, wondering “what’s next”, I am here to help you find the answers and reach your maximum potential.

Let’s turn that incredible vision that started as just a dream, into a living, breathing and thriving business that will change your life- and change the world.  


After working one-on-one with me, you'll leave:

Excited about the concrete ACTIONABLE plan you now have
Less stressed, less overwhelmed and completely

Ready to take on the
(maybe, but I can't promise this one...)

These sessions are a deeply personal, hands-on experience where I roll up my sleeves and work alongside of you.

Half Day Strategy Session

'If you got a problem, yo' I'll solve it.'

The 'Half Day Strategy Session' is yours to do with what you'd like.  It's perfect for entrepreneurs who need help with a specific launch or project

Session are held via Google Hangouts or Zoom, but if living in (or traveling to) the greater Charlotte area, in-person is available.

Two Day Intension Session

'Who run the world? Girls.'

The 'Two Day Intensive Session' is perfect for a more significant launch, like a brand or new revenue stream, and when you need a more hands-on approach.

Session are held in-person.  I’ll head to you, or you visit Charlotte and we will work our bootys' off in a super chic Airbnb near.  

A limited number of three month private mentorships are also available.