The 'Impact Mentorship' is a
high-level, highly personalized approach combining...

  • Weekly Strategy Calls and Voxer Support

  • Ad Campaign Structure and Copy

  • Content Creation and Marketing Plans


Take your business to the next level with The Impact Mentorship…

Chances are, up until now you’ve been running your business solo — and you're doing a kickass job of it.

But there may be some hurdles you’ve come across that you don’t want to cross alone. And you shouldn’t have to.

I've had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs at every level, while managing and running two active multiple 6-figure businesses.

I’ve worked with:

  • The creative who had a calling on her heart, was working a 9-5 job to fund her business, and was READY to hit her first 5-figure month.

  • The entrepreneur who just left his job and was READY to expand his side-hustle in the huge vision of an international business empire.

  • The multiple 6-figure business power couple who was READY to start thinking on an international level and start producing their own events.

'Mentors have a crucial asset new business owners lack - experience.'
- Entrepreneur Magazine


The Impact Mentorship is a combination of coaching and business services. It’s a one-on-one high-level, highly personalized program for entrepreneurs who are ready to dramatically expand their impact and their income. This experience will transform you + your business and set you up for success. Note: The Impact Mentorship only accepts 6 people each year to make sure you get the personalized attention you deserve. 

What’s included in the 'Impact Mentorship'?

Coaching Service:

  • Six months of weekly 45-minute strategy calls

  • Six months of unlimited Voxer support

  • Lifetime access to API membership

  • In-person 1 day kickoff strategy session (Cass comes to you!)

Business Services:

  • Fully-functional + SEO-optimized website

  • Ad campaign structure and copy for Google

  • Ad campaign structure and copy for Facebook

  • Customized visual branding and logo package

  • Creation of a three-month editorial calendar

  • Creation of a three-month marketing plan

  • Formalized business plan, including financial projections, on paper