For as long as I can remember...

I’ve always been really good at the ‘hustle’.
In the spirit of being totally honest and transparent, I had to be.

Where I grew up, I didn’t feel safe or loved.

I learned from a very young age that if I wanted to escape the situation, I would have to rely only on myself.  While other kids were leisurely playing with dolls, swinging on swing sets, and swimming outside, I was behind closed doors planning and trying to find a way out of the chaos that was my childhood.

Starting my first business at age seven was my normal.
(Certainly a story for another day…)

I believed that in order to change my situation, I had to do it on my own… And so I did.

For over a decade, I carried that belief through college, into (and out of) my first marriage, and straight into a highly successful corporate career. While that viewpoint did land me multiple 6-plus-figure jobs and a career that most would deem successful, something about the hustle left me feeling...

Overwhelmed, Exhausted +Alone.

The way that had always “worked” just wasn’t working anymore.

It was around that time that I really started seeking meaning outside of my corporate career.

At the age of 22, after a miscarriage, I found my passion of serving women as a doula. I fell in love with everything that came with it.

Holding the hands of women going through the most intimate and meaningful moments in their lives made me realize something profound…

They weren’t doing it alone.

Over the next ten years, I started and grew multiple businesses including a successful full-service marketing agency that serves hundreds of female business owners worldwide and, alongside my husband, I opened a product-based company that helps women produce a higher quality and quantity of breastmilk.

While all of my entrepreneurial ventures have been close to my heart, I felt myself being called into something much bigger…

Hi, I'm Cassandra. I am a serial entrepreneur and a business mentor.
I help female entrepreneurs who are ready to make an impact with their business.


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Professional Bio

Cassandra Shuck is a business growth + profitability strategist and self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur empowering female entrepreneurs to live the life they want to live.

She is the founder of Tola Marketing + Creative, a full-service creative, digital marketing agency, the co-founder of Milkin’ Cookie, a lactation support cookie company for breastfeeding women around the country and host of the Align. Profit. Impact. Podcast. She has been featured in CEO Blog Nation, AdAge and Hearpreneur.

Cassandra’s love and expertise for finding creative and intuitive solutions has led her to build and grow eight successful businesses, four of which are operational today, and to support hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe in growing their own empires in the process.

She currently runs all of her businesses from her home just outside Charlotte, North Carolina, only working about 25 hours a week while raising her 1.5-year-old daughter Diana.

To learn more about Cassandra and her story, go to www.CassandraShuck.com.